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  • An organization having a common focus


  • Considering the whole when working with a person, an organization or a company


  • The state of being a Leader

Institute of Holistic Leadership LLC…

…provides you with skills to become the Leader of your Success Track, be it your health, your personal goals, or your professional goals. We give you the tools to achieve success in your personal and professional life. This is achieved through seminars; educational programs and private sessions.

Our programs combine holistic and medical philosophies. According to research, over 65% of the population is now using holistic models as a part of their approach to success. IHL programs are designed for a variety of audiences: healthcare, business, and the general community.

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IHL Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Institute of Holistic Leadership (IHL) is committed to providing a learning environment that is free from illegal discrimination based upon an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or veteran status. Illegal discrimination in any form will not be tolerated at the Institute.

IHL provides an environment conducive to education for all learners; We ensure that all learners are treated equally. We protect learners against discrimination and uphold human rights.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy as of January 2022:

Pathways, Seminars and any 2-hour Presentations Cancellation Prior to Class:

  • Full Refund minus $5 processing fee
  • Any attendance in class results in no refund

Certification Classes and Programs Refund Policy:

If the student is not accepted into the training program, all monies paid by the student shall be refunded. Refunds for books, supplies and consumable fees shall be made in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code section 3332-1-10.1. Refunds for tuition and refundable fees shall be made in accordance with following provisions as established by Ohio Administrative Code section 3332-1-10:

  1. A student who withdraws before the first class and after the 5-day cancellation period shall be obligated for the registration fee ($25).
  2. A student who starts class and withdraws before the academic term is 15% completed will be obligated for 25% of the tuition and refundable fees plus the registration fee.
  3. A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 15% completed but before the academic term is 25% complete will be obligated for 50% of the tuition and refundable fees plus the registration fee.
  4. A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 25% completed but before the academic term is 40% complete will be obligated for 75% of the tuition and refundable fees plus the registration fee.
  5. A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 40% completed will not be entitled to a refund of the tuition and fees.

The school shall make the appropriate refund within 30 days of the date the school is able to determine that a student has withdrawn or been terminated from a program. Refunds shall be based upon the last date of a student’s attendance or participation in an academic school activity.

Additional Information:

  • No transfer of tuition from one course/seminar to another is permitted.
  • Tuition will be refunded via PayPal refund, IHL check, or credit card.
  • Class attendance requirements for successful completion are stated on the course/seminar syllabus.
  • In the case of documented student illness or accident, death in the family, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student, the student may be entitled to special refund consideration, and the school may settle the account for an amount that is less than that called for by the school’s established policy.
  • In the case that the Institute of Holistic Leadership closes and/or ceases to exist, the student will be refunded one hundred percent of tuition paid for courses not completed by the student in the program due to IHL not offering courses.

Student Privacy and Security:

IHL is committed to the privacy and security of all learner records. All learner records are stored in a locked, secured area per IHL Policy. We do not sell or share any learner records with outside entities. Learners may request their records/transcripts in writing. Learners may also request in writing that their records be destroyed.

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2024 Upcoming Classes & Seminars – SAVE THE DATES

Feb 15 – Vitamins & Supplements – Where to Begin or How to Make Your Current Plan Better! 6-8pm $20

Feb 17 & Mar 2 – Clinical Aromatherapy 102 9am-4pm $350

Mar 13 thru Jul 31 – Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy 6-9pm $575

Apr 6, Apr 20 & May 4 – Holistic Nutrition 9am-4pm $450

April 14, 2024 – Advanced Reflexology 9am-4pm $185

May 11 & Jun 8 – Clinical Aromatherapy 201 9am-4pm $350

June 9, 2024 – The Energetics of Reflexology 9am-4pm $185

Jun 22, Jun 29 & Jul 13 – Neuro Linguistic Programming 9am – 4pm $450

Jul 10 thru Dec 4 – Clinical Reflexology 6-9pm $675

Aug 3, Aug 17 & Aug 24 – Clinical Aromatherapy 202 9am-4pm $450

Sep 14, Sep 28 & Oct 5 – Client Centered Imagery 9am-4pm $450

Nov 9 & Nov 23 – Clinical Aromatherapy 101 (Session B) 9am-4pm $350

Clinical Aromatherapy 102

February 17 & March 2, 2024 9am-4pm

Facilitator: Patti McCormick, RN, PHD

Tuition: $350

Aromatherapy 102 will present the difference between what is often referred to as the “confusing oils” – ie. Lavender, Lavendin, Spike Lavender – Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile etc. This knowledge will make a great difference in choosing the right oil for the right person or the right health issue. The science of blending essential oils will be introduced in this level. An additional list of essential oils with indications and contraindications will be presented. Prerequisite: Aromatherapy 101

Text Required – Battaglia –The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy – to be used in ARO 102, 201 and 202 (text cost approximately $90.00)

Learn the difference between “similar sounding” essential oils
– Create a blend for specific issues
– Explain basic “aroma chemistry” to allow you to blend safely
– Discuss Indications and Contraindications of additional list of essential oils

12 CEUs Awarded for Nurses & Social Workers (RSX030904)


Vitamins & Supplements – Where to Begin or How to Make Your Current Plan Better!

February 15, 2024 6p – 8p

Facilitator: Patti McCormick, RN, PHD

Tuition: $20

How many times have you walked into a health food store and have no clue where to begin? How many types of Vitamin C are there and which one should you take? How about the magnesium you are taking?? Maybe you are currently taking supplements and want to learn more! Did you know a study, published in Nutrition Journal, found 75 percent of dermatologists say they use dietary supplements and 66 percent recommend them to their patients; 57 percent of cardiologists use supplements and 72 percent recommend them to their patients. The safe use of supplements can make a positive difference in YOUR HEALTH. In this workshop you will learn how to use supplements safely to improve your level of health.

2 CEUs Awarded for Nurses & Social Workers (RSX03030904)


Holistic Nutrition

Apr 6, Apr 10 & May 4, 2024 9am-4pm

Facilitator: Lori Kelch, MS, CHNU

Tuition: $450

Certified Organic vs. Organic vs. natural? What foods are high in lycopene’s and what is a lycopene and why are they good for me? A hydrogenated what? Why should some people avoid nightshades? What is the difference between a macrobiotic, or blood type, or low carbohydrate or vegan diet, or paleo food plan? Keto? Whole foods? Aren’t all foods whole? What is the basis of food combining? These are questions your patients/clients are asking today. Do you have the answers? This Certification gives you a strong basis for providing solid answers to these questions as well as learning the foundations of whole food—clean eating…a necessity for everyone.

Upon completion of this Certification, the participant will be able to:

Discuss the importance of teaching clients to read labels in today’s world of chemicals
Educate patients/clients how to easily prepare basic wholefoods
Help your clients/patients know what questions to ask their physicians in regards to food intake
Discuss food as a healing tool

18 CEUs Awarded for Nurses & Social Workers (RSX030904)


We teach you to help others using holistic models of wellness…for mind, body and soul!


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