IHL provides YOU with the tools & knowledge so YOU will reach your full potential. This is done through certification programs, community, and corporate education and consulting.

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Patti McCormick

Patti McCormick, RN, Ph.D. – President -has been a holistic educator and maintained a private practice since 1978. She founded and directed one of the first state-approved and federally accredited holistic vocational schools in the United States. Through IHL she now provides education and consultation for integrating holistic practices into various industries such as education, business, and healthcare. She is known on a national level for her ability to empower people to be the “head coach” of their health care team and make choices from an educated perspective.

Her personal mission is the integration of holistic concepts into traditional models. Dr. McCormick’s presentations are dynamic, entertaining, and filled with specific information that participants can begin to immediately use to create a better life. She is available for lectures, educational programs, consultation, staff training, and private sessions.

Chris Ellis – Director of Operations – has over 30 years of working in Corporate America. He has contracted with many Fortune 500 companies such as GE, IBM, and General Motors. Mr. Ellis has the ability to precisely manage projects from a systems assessment approach. He effectively streamlines the outcome of the project while developing a time management model that allows goals to be accomplished. IHL has been able to grow quickly in a variety of areas utilizing Mr. Ellis’ model of Success.