INSTRUCTOR: Patti McCormick, R.N., Ph.D.

CONTACT INFO: Phone: (937) 475-5040   Email:

PREREQUISITES: Clinical Aromatherapy 201


Aromatherapy 202 Workbook—Given First Day of Course (provided by IHL)

The Complete Guide To Aromatherapy—First Edition—Battaglia (purchased by the learner)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Aromatherapy 202 is where it all comes together. Specifics of how to incorporate aromatherapy in a professional setting will be discussed. Additional essential oil product creation will be presented as well as protocols for developing your aromatherapy lab. Aroma Reflex techniques are presented.  Learners will make various natural health and beauty products with essential oils, learn to safely structure your aromatherapy lab, learn specifics of corporate aromatherapy; Ethics of helping individuals and working within a legal scope of practice.


  1. Discussion specifics indications for a custom clinical blend
  2. Perform a custom clinical aromatherapy blend for a client
  3. Perform Aroma / Reflex application
  4. List indications and contraindication of specific essential oils
  5. Develop a clinical aromatherapy lab for product preparation
  6. Create aromatherapy products


ATTENDANCE:  Must complete class requirements for 75%  of class hours – twelve (12) hours – learner may be absent 3 hours maximum. The First 3 hours and last 3 hours of the course must be attended.  Class meets from 9 am – 4 pm.

OUTSIDE ASSIGNMENTS/HOMEWORK: Homework must be completed on the appropriate due date as assigned in Clinical Aromatherapy 102.  Homework must be typed double-spaced with student name and assignment name on the upper right-hand corner. Each page must have the student name in the upper right-hand corner. Submit homework with a staple in the upper left-hand corner. No folders or paper clips. Homework not submitted in this format will be refused. All homework must be turned in prior to the exam date or the exam will not be permitted to be taken. Use MLA style for footnotes in the research paper.

EXAM:  Exam at the end of Clinical Aromatherapy 202 will cover material presented in ARO 101, ARO 102, ARO 201, and ARO 202. An 80% must be earned and all homework must be turned in.


Class  #1

Review of ARO 201 & Intake / Business  Process; Collect Homework / Research Assignments; Custom Blending Process; Aroma / Reflex application

Class  #2  

Additional Essential Oils; Product Formulas; Creating a Clinical Aromatherapy Lab Aroma/Reflex Application Exam

HOURS: 12 hours or 1.2 CEUs are awarded for successful completion of this class


Any concerns/questions are to be discussed with the instructor. If you do not feel your concern has been resolved, you may contact Chris Ellis, CEO at 937-475-5040 or


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  2. Instructors/Presenters are the Institute of Holistic Leadership (IHL) are not permitted to promote or sell products, services, or materials that they have a proprietary interest in from the podium or educational stage.