Aromatherapy is one of the fastest-growing holistic modalities used today. It is the science of using essential oils to balance the body and mind. Aromatherapy is now often incorporated into health, personal, and home care products. Corporations, medical and educational organizations are incorporating Aromatherapy. Many in our society recognize Aromatherapy as a valuable source of healing and balance. Certification in Aromatherapy will allow you to have a vast knowledge reservoir from which to assist your clients. You will also learn applications of Aromatherapy in traditional health care settings. This certification program meets the criteria for Professional Membership Level for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.

Institute of Holistic Leadership is proud to use

Amrita Aromatherapy essential oils as the exclusiveoil used in

all Aromatherapy Training Programs offered.

Class Participants Create Aromatherapy Products


Aromatherapy Certification Requirements:

48 Contact Hours

2 – 6 hour In-Class Sessions

36 Self-Paced Learning Hours

Tuition: $350

Aromatherapy 101 will provide you with a foundation for the safe use of essential oils. Discussion of quantifiers for defining pure essential oils; Safety Precautions; Indications and Contraindications for a specific list of essential oils.  Knowledgebase will be presented to allow participants to develop a strong foundation for working with aromatherapy safely and accurately.

Prerequisites: None   

  • Learn how to assure you are getting a pure essential oil
  • Discuss the history of aromatherapy
  • Learn the safety issues of essential oils in regards to children, pregnant women, elderly adults, pets, and in serious illness
  • Develop essential oil plan for health and wellness

Note – ARO 101 may be taken as a workshop without being enrolled in the Aromatherapy Certification Program.

This training is supported by American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) for exam education and /or Renewal of Certification.

48 Contact Hours

2 – 6 Hour In-Class Sessions

36 Hours Self-Pace Learning

Tuition: $350

Aromatherapy 102 will present the difference between what is often referred to as the “confusing oils” – ie. Lavender, Lavendin, Spike Lavender – Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile etc. This knowledge will make a great difference in choosing the right oil for the right person or the right health issue. The science of blending essential oils will be introduced in this level. An additional list of essential oils with indications and contraindications will be presented.  Prerequisite: Aromatherapy 101

Text Required – Battaglia –The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy  – to be used in ARO 102, 201 and 202 (text cost approximately $90.00)

  • Learn the difference between “similar sounding” essential oils
  • Create a blend for specific issues
  • Explain basic “aroma chemistry” to allow you to blend safely
  • Discuss Indications and Contraindications of additional list of essential oils

48 Contact Hours

2 – 6 Hour In-Class Sessions

36 Hours Self-Paced Study

Tuition: $350

Processes for the development of a custom blend for a client based on the client’s presenting issues and preferences will be taught in this course.  Presentation of how essential oils can balance the body energies and the resulting emotional and physical effects will be discussed. Additional blending techniques; introduction to aromatherapy product creation and additional essential oils will be presented.  Prerequisite: Aromatherapy 102

  • Discuss how to benefit specified to a client’s needs
  • Explain Indications and Contraindications of additional essential oils
  • List  which specific oils can balance body energy centers

(Click Here for Course Syllabus)

54 Contact Hours

3 – 6 Hour In-Class Sessions

36 Hours Self-Paced Study

Tuition: $450

Aromatherapy 202 is where it all comes together. Specifics of how to incorporate aromatherapy in a professional setting will be discussed. Additional essential oil product creation will be presented as well as protocols for developing your aromatherapy lab.  Aromatherapy / Reflexology application to enhance client experiience will be taught. Ethics of helping individuals and working within a legal scope of practice is also presented.

Prerequisite: Aromatherapy 201

  • Make various natural products (health, beauty, cooking) with aromatherapy
  • Learn how to structure your “aromatherapy lab” for safety
  • Learn how to use aromatherapy in the workplace

Additional Certification Requirements – Core Courses:

BUS 101 – Business & Ethics for Holistic Health – 36 Contact Hours – 18 Class / 18 Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $450

BIO 101 – Anatomy & Physiology / Pathology – 50 Contact Hours – Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $225

PSY 101 – Human Behavior for Holistic Health – 50 Contact Hours – Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $225

Note: Licensed Health Professionals and/or Successful College Completion of equivalent courses allows for exemption of BIO and PSY.

Core courses only need to be taken once and then can be applied to all other IHL Certifications for up to a 3 year period.