The use of herbs as medicine is becoming mainstream. Unfortunately, many of your patients/clients will be getting their information from the latest tabloid at the grocery check-out counter. At times the combination of herbs and medications or medical treatments can cause problems. Current research now supports that herbs can be very healing for the body and a natural approach to health and wellness. This Certification will allow you to help educate your patients/clients on the safe use of herbs for health and healing.

Upon completion of this Certification, you will be able to:

  • Discuss how to use herbs, for example, as a tincture, or a tea, or a capsule
  • Educate the client on possible problems when certain herbs and medications are mixed
  • Build your understanding of the use of herbs for health and wellness
  • Be able to explain why all sources of herbs are not equal


Requirements for Herbal Wellness Certification:

(Click here for syllabus)

54 Contact Hours

3 – 6 hour In-Class Sessions

36 hours Self-Paced Study

Tuition: $405

Living Lab Fee: $15

Additional Certification Requirements – Core Courses:

BUS 101 – Business & Ethics for Holistic Health – 36 Contact Hours – 18 Class / 18 Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $405

BIO 101 – Anatomy & Physiology / Pathology – 50 Contact Hours – Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $205

PSY 101 – Human Behavior for Holistic Health – 50 Contact Hours – Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $205

Note: Licensed Health Professionals and/or Successful College Completion of equivalent courses allows for an exemption of BIO and PSY.

Core courses only need to be taken once and then can be applied to all other IHL Certifications for up to a 3 year period.