INSTRUCTOR: L Harris, RN, BSN / J. Lawson, Master Organic Gardener

CONTACT INFO: L. Harris : Phone:937-684-3071  Email – / J. Lawson: Phone: 937-469-3519


REQUIRED TEXT: Herbal Wellness Module Binder / Workbook – Given 1st meeting of class

SUGGESTED TEXT: Prescriptions for Herbal Healing, Balch, 2002

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The use of herbs in healthcare is becoming mainstream. Current research now supports that herbs can be very healing for the body and a natural approach to health and wellness. This course will allow you to help educate your patients/clients on the safe use of herbs for health and healing; discuss how to use herbs safely; various methods for herbal remedies, such as a tincture, or a tea, or a capsule, etc; indications and contraindications of various herbals; use of herbs for health and wellness; quality measures for herbal product selection.


1.    Define Scope of Practice for Herbal Wellness Consultant

2.    Discuss History of Use of Herbs

3.    List differences from body response with herbs versus medications

4.    Discuss Actions of Herbs

5.    List indications and contraindication of specific herbs as individual components

6.    Discuss 3 important items in Herb Sourcing

7.    List indications and contraindications of specific herbs and the correlation to body systems


ATTENDANCE:  Must attend 75% of total hours – eighteen (18) hours.  Class meets 3 days – (CLASS DATES)-  from 9a – 4p. (1st 2 dates of course) will be at IHL campus.  (3rd date)  will be at home of Janet Lawson – Herbal Wellness Living Lab instructor. Attendees may be absent up to 25% of class hours. Learner may be absent for up to 4.5 hours.   Learner is responsible for making up information and connecting with fellow learner to obtain class notes.

There is a $15 lab fee for the training due to IHL offices by (Second Day of Class)

OUTSIDE ASSIGNMENTS/HOMEWORK: Homework must be completed on appropriate due date.  Homework must be typed double-spaced with student name, assignment name and date on upper right hand corner.  Each page must have student name in upper right hand corner.  Submit homework with staple in upper left hand corner.  No folders, paper clips or envelopes.  Homework not submitted in this format will be refused.  All homework must be turned in prior to exam date or exam will not be permitted to be taken.

EARN:  At least 80% on final exam  – Essay Questions

ASSESSMENT METHOD:  Completion of Class Practicums / Review of Case Study Homework / Successfully achieving learning outcomes / Exam – 80% or higher

CLASS PRACTICUMS:  Participation in class practicums is required to indicate learner can demonstrate required skills and has met learning outcomes.

SCORING SCALE: Exam – Learner must earn an 80% or above to successfully pass class exam.  Outside Assignments  are scored with  the following scale: E – Excellent / S – Satisfactory / U – Unsatisfactory – Learner must resubmit homework within a 7 day period of due date.


Class #1

Scope of Practice for Herbal Wellness Consultant; Discuss of how Herbs work; Timeline of the use of Herbs in relation to various cultures; Types of Herbal preparations; Support of Herbs in Digestive and Intestinal Health. Instructor: L. Harris

Class # 2

Discussion of Herbs to promote health in the following systems: Respiratory, Urinary, Nervous, Glandular, Reproductive, Immune, Circulatory & Structural; Intake; Case Study Interview. Instructor: L. Harris

Class # 3

Living Lab – Herbal Recognition / Application / Herbal Preparations / Wild crafting. Instructor:  J. Lawson


Exam will be given to students after class on (Last Class Date) ; return exam to IHL on or before (2 Weeks after Last Class Date)


1) 5 Herbal Profiles – Due with Exam – Format to be given in class

2) Case Study – Due with Exam – Format to be given in class – see below

Select a class member and perform a brief interview from a health care practitioner perspective. Choose one main health area that they would like support with.

Submit a 1 – 3 page case study following format as stated in the syllabus.

Case Study to Include:

Age, Gender, Race, Brief Health History, Information from Interview

List the herbs you may educate on, discuss why, dosage, and duration of use

Include any additional pertinent information – contraindications etc.

Submit Case Study with Exam

Off Site Herbal Living Lab Location: (Third Class Date)

Please bring your binder, lunch, and beverage for hydration.  You will have the opportunity to taste herbal teas and other products as a part of the class.

Class Time: 9 am – 4 pm (1 hour lunch) at home of Janet Lawson.

Lunch will be a “learning brown bag lunch” so plan to stay during this time.

Instructor: Janet Lawson – Class held at home of Ms. Lawson in Kettering, OH

Please Submit to IHL on or before Exam Due Date the following:

1) Course Survey – Will be given to learners on First Class Date

2) Completed Exam

3) Case Study

These documents may be submitted to IHL via email –, USPS mail, drop off or slide under office door off hallway.

Hours: 18 hours or 1.8 CEUs are awarded for successful completion of this class.


Any concerns / questions are to be discussed with instructor. If you do not feel your concern has been resolved, you may contact Patti McCormick, Pres at  / 937-475-5040 or Ellis, CEO at / 937-475-5040


1) Institute of Holistic Leadership (IHL) is committed to providing a learning environment that is free from illegal discrimination based upon an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or veteran status.  Illegal discrimination in any form will not be tolerated at the Institute

2) Instructors / Presenters are the Institute of Holistic Leadership (IHL) are not permitted to promote or sell products, services or materials that they have a proprietary interest in from the podium or educational stage.