Tuition: $4365 (Total of the Tuition for all IHL Certifications and Core Courses)

This program is designed to provide the individual who has completed the six (6) IHL Certifications listed below. A credential that exemplifies the well-rounded training he/she has completed and the varied knowledge that will be offered to the client.

The graduate of this program will be able to demonstrate the ability to conduct an evaluation of the client’s specific needs and wellness preferences; offer the client the education and references resources to make the best wellness choices and make recommendations for the use of a variety of Holistic models of health.  In addition, the Holistic Health Consultant will provide an integrated model for health care which includes communication with other health professionals.

Certified Holistic Consultants provide a variety of services such as client sessions, lectures and presentations, and consultation for businesses/organizations wanting to integrate holistic models into everyday functioning. The opportunities are infinite.

Requirements: Successful Completion of Six IHL Certification  Programs / Courses:

  1. Clinical Aromatherapy Certification
  2. Client Centered Imagery Certification
  3. Herbal Wellness Certification
  4. Holistic Nutrition Certification
  5. Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification
  6. Vitamin & Supplement Certification

In addition:

Holistic Consultant Integration – 50 hours

12 In-Class / 38 Hours Self-Paced Learning

Tuition: $405

(Price is included in certification total above)

Participants in this course will spend time in a traditional, clinical/medical setting, offering various holistic sessions to patients. Learners will work with physicians and other medical professionals to create a well-rounded integrative care plan and then implement the modalities with the patients. Client interview/intake process, clinical documentation, and professional practices will also be performed. Case studies will be presented in class for peer review.

Proficiency Process:

Individuals having completed a certification in a specific certification topic listed,  may test out of course work, per specific topic. Student must present documentation of successful completion of certification program and pass a proficiency exam with a score of 80%.
Proficiency exam may include demonstration(s) and/or case study presentation.

Proficiency Exam Fee (per topic) – $60.  If proficiency exam is not passed and student wishes to take topic course,  the $60 exam fee will be deducted from tuition