What would it be worth and how would your life be transformed, if you could quickly and easily make personal changes?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the set of tools that you can use to have the life you want. You will learn skills to assist others to easily achieve their goals.

In this Certification you will learn techniques to help yourself and others:

  • Remove the blocks that prevent you from doing, having, or changing what you want
  • Change limiting decisions, limiting beliefs and conflicting values
  • Clear past negative emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, and fear while retaining the learning
  • Release abundant, untapped resources you have inside
  • Be guided to the people and solutions you need to create a bright and compelling future


Requirements for Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification:

(Click here for syllabus)

54 Contact Hours

3 – 6 hour Class Sessions

36 hours Self-Paced Learning

Tuition: $405

Additional Certification Requirements – Core Courses:

BUS 101 – Business & Ethics for Holistic Health – 36 Contact Hours – 18 Class / 18 Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $405

BIO 101 – Anatomy & Physiology / Pathology – 50 Contact Hours – Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $205

PSY 101 – Human Behavior for Holistic Health – 50 Contact Hours – Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $205

Note: Licensed Health Professionals and/or Successful College Completion of equivalent courses allows for an exemption of BIO and PSY.

Core courses only need to be taken once and then can be applied to all other IHL Certifications for up to a 3 year period.