As a  professional, are you aware of what to educate your patients or clients of in regards to taking too much of a good thing in regards to vitamins and supplements?

Do you know which Vitamin E is the best and why?

Do you know what supplements have been proven helpful for the prevention and reversal of cardiac disease and some cancers?

When a patient/client comes to you to ask “Where do I start?” in regards to taking vitamins and supplements, what do you say?

With this certification, you will have the knowledge to educate your clients with the information they need.

Upon completion Participants will be able to:

  • Educate  client in regards to vitamins and supplements
  • Discuss  why all vitamins are not the same
  • Develop a solid foundation from which to answer your client’s questions in regards to vitamins


Requirements for Vitamin & Supplement Certification:

(Click Here for Course Syllabus)

48 Contact Hours
2 –  6  hour  In-Class Sessions
36 hours Self-Paced Learning

Tuition: $305

Additional Certification Requirements – Core Courses:

BUS 101 – Business & Ethics for Holistic Health – 36 Contact Hours – 18 Class / 18 Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $405

BIO 101 – Anatomy & Physiology / Pathology – 50 Contact Hours – Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $205

PSY 101 – Human Behavior for Holistic Health – 50 Contact Hours – Self-Paced Learning – Tuition: $205

Note: Licensed Health Professionals and/or Successful College Completion of equivalent courses allows for exemption of BIO and PSY.

Core courses only need to be taken once and then can be applied to all other IHL Certifications for up to a 3 year period.