Lori Kelch, MS, CHNC

Lori KelchLori Kelch is a Nutrition and Wellness Educator with certification in Holistic Nutrition. Over the years she has developed an expertise in whole foods nutrition and the role of essential nutrients in all aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Lori offers educational seminars to corporate and community organizations on a variety of nutrition-related topics.

In the past, Lori has provided whole foods education to medical students at Grandview Hospital, moderated Nutrition as We Age for the Oscher Lifelong Learning Program at the University of Dayton, served as Healthy Living Educator for Dorothy Lane Market, and taught “Nutrition in the Family” for 13 years at Antioch University Midwest. Lori also enjoys music, gardening, and spending time with her family.

Janet Lawson, Master Organic Gardner

Janet LawsonAs Master Organic Gardener, Janet became involved with the Herb Study Group at Cox Arboretum in 2004.  Through her education and experience, she has developed a medicinal herb garden at her home that had becomes a Living Lab component of IHL’s Herbal Wellness Certification. A Farm to Table Program has allowed Janet to introduce herbs to local 5th graders for 12 years.

Janet continued training with Rosemary Gladstar’s program through a local herbalist, Dawn Combs. She has developed a curriculum and taught classes for Dayton MetroParks, Noble Circle, and now serves as an instructor for IHL. She is currently establishing a perennials tea garden for the students of Ruskin Elementary. In Dayton, Ohio. Janet is a “forever learner”.

Kari Murphy, MFA, CHHC

Kari MurphyKari a proud graduate of the Institute of Holistic Leadership has been studying and applying a variety of holistic health modalities for over ten years. Her pursuit of becoming a Health Coach through Epidemic Answers, an organization dedicated to children with chronic conditions, was inspired by her son’s diagnosis of Autism. For the past six years, Kari has worked at All Is Well, an integrative health practice for women.

Last year she completed The Power of Awareness, a course on meditation. She is currently enrolled in Rosemary Gladstar’s rigorous home study program, The Science and Art of Herbalism. When not busy making and selling essential oil products, Kari loves to spend her time getting physical through CrossFit and yoga. An avid runner, she has completed three NYC marathons.

Mary Ellen Shupert, RN, CCR, RM

Mary Ellen ShupertMary Ellen graduated from the Ohio Institute of Holistic Health in 1998 receiving her certification as a clinical reflexologist. She specializes in several modalities including Reflexology, Reiki, and Energy Work. She has incorporated her holistic and wellness background into her nursing practice as a nursing instructor teaching students self-care and holistic techniques.

She teaches Reflexology Certification at IHL in Centerville; offers Reiki classes as well as other holistic workshops. She is continuing her personal interest in studying herbalism and aromatherapy. She is past president of Reflexology Association of Ohio (RAO) and current professional member in good standing of Reflexology Association of America (RAA) and RAO.